Issuer's name: An Phat Plastic and Green Environment JSC
Securities name: Shares of An Phat Plastic and Green Environment JSC
Securities code: AAA
ISIN: VN000000AAA4
Par value: 10,000 VND
Trading Platform: HNX
Securities type: Common share
Record date:01/02/2016
- Reason and purpose: 2016 Annual General Meeting
- Execution rate: 1 share - 1 voting right
- Meeting time: to be planned in March 2016 
- Meeting venue: to be announced later to the shareholders
- Meeting agenda:
+ Approval of 2015 Production and Business results and 2016 Plan of the Company;
+ Approval of 2015 activities reports by the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board, the Management Board; and 2016 Orientation Plan;
+ Approval of 2015 Audited Financial Statements;
+ Approval of 2016 Remuneration for the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board;
+ Approval of 2015 profit allocation plan, 2015 dividend payment rate, and the planned 2016 dividend rate;
+ Approval of the Bonus Share Issuance Plan to the Company’s employees
+ Election of members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board
+ Other Issues regarding the Company’s operations as governed by the Enterprise Law and the Company's Charter.
Depository members (DMs) are requested to compare the securities holders’ information in the List generated and sent in the form of Certificate of Authorization by VSD with the information managed by DMs then send Confirmation (Form 03/THQ) in the form of Certificate of Authorization on the accuracy of the list of shareholders (For DMs who have not completed the connection to VSD’s terminal-based gateway/ISO-based gateway or where the connection has been disrupted, the Confirmation with Certificate of Authorization shall be sent to In case of rejection due to data errors, VSD's members are requested to send written notice on details of errors for necessary correction.
Deadline for sending confirmation: by 3 pm, 3rd February 2016.
If DMs do not send confirmation document by the above deadline, VSD will consider the list provided to DMs and direct account holding members by VSD accurate and confirmed. In case of arising disputes and losses to shareholders, DMs will have to bear all the related responsibilities.
DMs are requested to fully inform this notice to each investor who has deposited the above shares at DMs within 3 working days from the date on the notice.

(Source: Vietnam Securities Depository)

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